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I blog about environment and energy issues during session. Most of our work is done in committee and is not generally covered by the media.

Hello friends,

Pundits say that this election year is like no other. For once, everyone agrees with the pundits!

With all of the media—and our own conversations—focused on the presidential race, the importance of the outcome of state legislative races to ordinary Minnesotans has been lost.

Contrast last session's willful inaction on transportation, taxes and needed investment in infrastructure with what the legislature accomplished in the 2013 and 2014 legislative sessions with DFLers in control. From investing more in education including free all-day kindergarten for every child to marriage equality, we accomplished more for working Minnesotans and middle class families than in any other two years in my memory. And we produced an honest budget that got rid of gimmicks.

I have been working with my colleagues to return the House to DFL control. Minnesota needs an education system that will prepare our students for the next generation of jobs beginning with voluntary high quality preschool for all 4 year olds, not just some, and continuing through affordable post secondary options.

Building and revitalizing our infrastructure is key to keeping our economy thriving and has the added benefit of creating jobs. To attract and retain the newest generation of workers, we need to invest in a much stronger transit system and provide safe bike and walking routes for commuting and recreation.

I have worked to protect our waters, reduce air pollutants, increase renewable wind and solar energy, and protect our children from newer unregulated contaminants and well known ones like lead. If re-elected, I will continue this work and add an emphasis on protecting drinking water sources.

I would appreciate your support and vote on November 8.


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